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After more than two years of online classes, schools all over the Philippines are finally slowly going back to face-to-face classes. Have you made a list yet of things you need for school yet?  In case you forgot a few, we got you! Wagas Ukuleles has compiled some back to school essentials that might help you in preparing for the upcoming academic year. 

A notebook/planner 


Keep your thoughts in one place! Having your very own notebook helps you keep track of everything: from your daily expenses, to your assignments, to your tasks for the day.

Some people might even find it therapeutic to write their thoughts in their journal. Of course, you can use the Notes app in your gadgets for this, but nothing beats the smell of paper and the flow of the ink from your own pen. And if the face to face classes are any indication, isn't it nice to go back to the old ways sometimes? 

Academic Help Apps


Now, this is where modern technology really helps! Sometimes, it’s better to have the entire library in your pocket, or to have all the tools you need at a click. Download these apps to help you prepare for the assignments and school works for the year ahead. 

For your essays, research papers, and other written academic works, applications like Grammarly can help you improve or fix your grammar, and Notion can be your online notepad that you can customize to your heart’s content. Research is a breeze with sites like Google Scholar and Academia, which is full of the references and related literature you might need. 

Understand your textbooks better with a handy dictionary app. The Merriam Webster dictionary application is reliable and convenient, plus, it also has some word games you can play during breaktimes. On the side, you can also learn a new language with apps like Duolingo. Learning never stops! 

Hygiene kits


With the COVID-19 pandemic far from over (and the looming existence of diseases like monkeypox), being hygienic and healthy is super essential. Always make sure to bring and pack extra face masks, alcohol or hand sanitizer, and tissues. It's good to pack some basic health items too, like band-aids, paracetamol, and vitamin C. Take care of your health in class, friends! 



So many of us turned to music during the pandemic to cope, and even as the world pushes towards the New Normal, it seems like we won't be giving up music anytime soon! Listen to your favorite tunes on the go with your regular earphones or invest in noise-cancelling headphones for that "main character" experience. Having headphones also comes in handy for those who are still in the online or hybrid classes setup for your online classes and meetings. 

A ukulele 


Speaking of music, don't you miss just jamming with your friends and classmates in class during recess or breaktimes? Well, now that school is back in session, you can totally relive those moments again! Play songs that you and your classmates (and even teachers) can jam to with Wagas Ukuleles. 

The Travel Ukuleles are lightweight and travel-friendly, which you can absolutely bring to class every day without worrying about its weight. You can also try out the Concert or Soprano Ukuleles to perform at your acquaintance parties or campus soirees. Check out our catalogue at or on our Shopee page for more choices.

Stay safe, healthy, and happy this brand new school year! 

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