For one of the country’s biggest and best ukulele brands, it seems like a natural progression to offer more than just ukuleles in the roster. In this exciting new era, Wagas Ukuleles elevates the brand with more products in store, starting with the exciting addition of guitars! 


Whether you’re a ukulele player who wants to advance their skills, or a guitar player who has been waiting patiently for this announcement, then this is for you. Level up your Wagas Ukuleles collection with one of our guitars: guaranteed to have the same sturdy quality and great sound you know and love. 


Made of only the highest quality materials, from its head, frets, and body, the Wagas Guitars are meticulously designed here in Cebu in collaboration with Pugo Design Studio. The soundhole also features a beautiful alibata design, perfect for showing off your Pinoy Pride with every strum. 


People have asked, and we listened. So many of Wagas Ukuleles’ patrons and loyal customers have been asking if the brand will expand to feature guitars. After all, in Wagas Ukuleles’ hometown in Cebu, the guitar is the island’s signature instrument. 


Tourists and musicians come to Cebu to seek out this specific instrument. What Wagas Ukuleles offers is a hassle free purchasing experience, where you can choose and get the guitars on our website and Shopee page with only a few clicks. Even better, Wagas Ukuleles offers free shipping nationwide!


Stay tuned for more updates! Feel free to browse through our catalogue on our website ( or on our Shopee page to see more of our other exciting products. 


Hope you’re ready for what’s to come next! 

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