6 Reasons To Buy Ukulele Gift This Christmas

“Kasadya ning taknaa!”


We all know that Ukuleles are widely used in Christmas carols, or daygon. But, there’s more reason to love this musical instrument this Holiday season. If you haven’t bought gifts, here at Wagas Ukuleles we list these 6 points why ukes are the best gift this Christmas.


1. It’s sustainable.

Traditional process involves cutting and bending wood to craft ukuleles. But Wagas Ukuleles, redefine tradition. We don’t want to waste materials and we want to ensure durability. All our products are cut from a solid Mahogany wood, common sustainable wood species found in the Philippines.


2. It supports local craftsmanship.

In every ukulele you purchase, you carry the heart and masterpiece of our local craftsmen. We do not mass produce our products. All ukuleles are made-to-order and distinct to one another. Our craftsmen are veterans in the woodcraft industry.


3. It is a perfect gift for beginners and pro.

We have a Soprano Ukulele Collection for beginners and intermediate musicians. If you’re looking for a full sound, you can check our Tenor Collection. It has a large uke body suitable for professional musicians. We also offer Guitarlee if you’re torn between getting a guitar and ukulele.


4. It is an island souvenir for travelers.

Bring the island everywhere you go. Cebu is known for premium guitar and ukuleles made in the Philippines. If you’re a local or foreign tourist, you shouldn’t miss this. Our Travel Ukulele Collection is thin and portable. Inside the package includes a soft case, tuner, and pick.


5. It is a new hobby.

Stop scrolling and start strumming! Put away your phone and rest your eyes from your phone screens. This coming 2021, start a new musical hobby. Your soul will thank you later.


6. It is a lifetime investment.

Your music, talent, and passion is your lifetime personal investment. We make sure that your uke will last for generations. And your music will live forever.

Bet we all agree that Christmas hit differently this year. We’ve been through a lot of bad things this 2020 - forest fires, earthquakes, typhoons, global pandemic, and so much more.

Now, that Yuletide season is here, it’s all about pure gratitude and hope.

We made it! We lived and survived! 

What better way to reward yourself or someone you love a well-crafted Ukulele. Let’s end and start the year with music of hope and gratitude in our hearts.

Maayong Pasko from Wagas Ukuleles!

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