Best Store to Buy Ukuleles With Pretty Designs

"If you're not sure where to find one, check out Cebu-based brand Wagas Ukuleles—we're currently eyeing their adorable Ursula Collection!

Every instrument in Wagas' line highlights local artistry and craftsmanship. Their ukuleles and other handicrafts aim to redefine traditional craftsmanship with fresh designs that don't sacrifice quality or construction." logo

Ukuleles by Wagas Crafts: Fun Handmade Designs with Great Sound

"Wagas Crafts’ ukuleles are the perfect ukuleles for you if you are looking for a small ukulele that doesn’t just sound great, but is also lightweight and unique at the same time. 

A unique Pinoy-made ukulele that you can call your own today: a Filipino uke by Wagas Crafts!"
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Premium Handcrafted Wagas Ukuleles in Cebu

"Shaped like an electric guitar, a tropical egg shape or how about a much unique form of a tortoise, you name it and they would probably have it or would make it for you. 

Wagas stands out by making ukuleles with extraordinary character. Their intricate designs and the craftsmen’s precision and dedication in making sure each uke is Wagas quality." Logo

Ritchie Wagas features the ukulele in his album

"What’s nice about this particular album is the fact that the Cebu-made ukulele is being featured in all 11 songs. In Hawaii, most of its local musicians play the ukuleles that come from Cebu. We commend Wagas for featuring this cute musical instrument in his debut album. In our view, the ukulele lends a relaxing sound."
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Stunning Ukuleles Completely Handmade by Filipinos

"Without a doubt, Wagas Ukuleles are different from the rest of the ukuleles in the world. Everything is literally made by hand, including the paint, and you are sure to be amazed by their designs. 

You can even get your name customized onto them – completely free of charge! – to make them uniquely yours if you’d like. If you play the ukulele, Wagas Ukuleles are definitely great products to add to your music arsenal."
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