All About the Newest Ursula Collection

When we told you last year that we have so much in store for you this 2021, we weren’t kidding!

2020 was a very difficult year for everybody but despite all, we remained steadfast amidst the chaos and learned to appreciate the simple joys of life— music, being one of the most which we celebrated. 

During the lockdown, we all had to adjust and make the most out of all the free time we had in our palms. Some picked up old hobbies, while the others found joy in learning new ones. 

Many of you messaged us and shared about how our ukuleles helped comfort you and ease your anxiety during one of the most difficult times of your life. Hearing about your personal stories, we can’t help but feel grateful knowing that we’ve touched your lives, one way or another.

To show our deepest gratitude, this April 2021, we present to you our newest collection, one that definitely blossomed out of love, the Ursula Collection. Read on to find out what makes this collection special.


Why It’s Named Ursula

The Ursula Collection is named after Ritchie Wagas’s beloved wife, Ursula Wagas. Every ukulele under this collection was tailored to fit Ursula’s personality: fun, positive, simple, and outgoing. 

Ursula Collection Features

red ursula ukulele
yellow ursula ukulele
pink ursula ukulele
black ursula ukulele
purple ursula ukulele
green ursula ukulele
    • What are you waiting for? Pick the color that best screams YOU now!
three friends happy playing ukulele
    • In comparison to our other collections, this collection is the cheapest yet! For only Php 1495, you get to enjoy your very own ukulele. You can even get one more as a gift for your mom, dad, sibling, friend, or even your special someone!
holding black ursula ukulele
    • Most good quality ukuleles don’t come cheap. Thus, it can be very intimidating and overwhelming for beginners. This collection is specifically designed for all those who are new to the instrument. It’s simple but just as beautiful.
aquila string yellow green purple ukulele
    • Just like all our other ukuleles, this collection makes use of high-quality aquila strings, allowing you to get that rich, beautiful sound. 


What Makes This Different?

Our Ursula Collection is designed in the Philippines and made in China. With this, it is a lot more affordable. However, we can assure you that its quality remains uncompromised. This collection is perfect for all ukulele beginners out there and all those interested in beginning their music journey. 


Let Wagas Ukuleles be a part of your adventure.

Play U. Be U. 


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