April Ukulele Design: Tropical Paradise + 8 Cute Tropical IG or FB Captions for You to Try

It’s April and it’s hotter than ever. You know what this means, IT’S ALMOST SUMMER!

Ready to kick off your sandals, lay on the beach, and soak in all the beach energy, but school/work responsibilities won’t allow just yet? We hear you.

This April, Wagas Ukuleles brings Tropical Paradise right to your doorsteps. For only P3500, you can now celebrate summer earlier, with the promise of good music to pair it with. How perfect!

What you’ll find in this article:

Why Tropical Paradise Ukulele

tropical picture with palm trees

The Philippines is a tropical paradise. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit our country to marvel at our beautiful beaches and feel the island vibes. Wherever you go, a tropical paradise is hiding right in every corner. From our powdery sands to our crystal blue waters, to our parade of beautiful greens, no doubt we’re one blessed nation. 

Tropical Paradise LTD is all about loving nature and gathering all the good vibes that summer offers. 

Key Features


limited edition tropical ukulele design
  • Intricately designed by Gilcy Yanna Wagas, a talented artist from the town of Compostela where our ukuleles are made. Currently, she is practicing her craft as a professional designer at PUGO Designs.



side image of tropical ukulele by wagas
  • Thicker than the traditional travel ukuleles
  • Bigger and louder sound
  • Light and convenient

Closed Gear tuning pegs

ukulele gear tuning pegs close-up picture

Limited Edition

We will only be releasing FIVE pieces of ukuleles for every Premium Ukulele design. To make it even more special, we’ve made sure to include a hand-painted LTD label at the back of our premium ukuleles especially for you.

8 Cute Tropical IG or FB Captions for You to Try

phone homescreen showing instagram and facebook app

Ready to purchase your very own Tropical Paradise ukulele? Check out these 8 fun and cute tropical Instagram or Facebook captions that you can use as you flaunt your newest ukulele:

  1. In a tropical state of mind
  2. Tropic like it’s hot
  3. BRB, off to the tropics
  4. Keep Palm and Chill
  5. Mermaid for the tropics
  6. Palmtastic
  7. I didn’t pick tropic, tropic(ked) me
  8. I’ve got tropical paradise right at the palm of my hands


holding tropical ukulele by wagas ukuleles

A lover of summer, beach, nature, music, and everything in between? Don’t miss out and grab your Tropical Paradise Premium Ukulele now! Also, check out the 8 fun tropical caption ideas for you to try presented in this article. Send some love by tagging us in your posts. We’ll be waiting! 

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