Color Psychology: What Does Your Favorite Ukulele Color Say About You?

“Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.” - Wassily Kandinsky 


The power that every color possess is undeniable. Colors hold an integral part of our lives where each hue brings varying psychological effects in our systems, influencing our mood, thoughts, and emotions. 

We all have that one favorite color which we love to associate ourselves with. “That color is so me,” as what we often say when we see an object in our favorite color. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can even lead us to purchasing things that we don’t necessarily need in the first place.

Point is, when a color speaks to us, it speaks to us. 

Ever wondered what your favorite color says about you and your personality? Read on!



This color is commonly associated with intense desire and willpower. Having red as your favorite color identifies you as someone who is bold, driven, extroverted, and adventurous. Your passionate and spontaneous nature is what fuels your ambition to achieve, often leading you to harbor a hint of innate competitiveness from time to time.

You possess a distinctly strong energy that instantly makes your presence known once you enter a room. You’re not one to hide your emotions, but you don’t hold grudges either. You’re outgoing and you usually enjoy being the center of attention. 

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When you think about a color to associate with happiness, YELLOW is the way to go! Yellow is a color that instantly brings out joy and warmth. Having yellow as your favorite color implies that you enjoy immersing yourself to new ideas, and just love learning in general.

You tend to be shy, but quietly crave admiration for your wisdom. You also possess a strong need to have order in your everyday life. As a friend, you’re a reliable confidant and you carry with you this energy that makes your loved ones feel safe. You love expressing your individuality in every way that you can. 

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If green is your color, this means that you’re loyal, honest, and affectionate. You have this tendency to be sensitive with how people perceive you. You value good reputation, and you seek acknowledgement for the things that you do.

You have a special inclination for nature, enjoying activities that enables you to immerse yourself in all that Mother Nature has to offer. You don’t like chaos and you always seek for consistency. One of your strengths is time management, what with your ability to quickly prioritize.

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The color purple is one of the most popular favorite colors of all time. Dating back to the olden times, this color was used to represent royalty. Lovers of purple tend to reflect royalty as they possess the need for emotional security. If you’re one of the people who love purple, this means that you’re quick-witted, you’re a visionary, an artist, and you’re someone who has a heart for people.

You are said to be highly spiritual and intuitive. Studies show that many people who have purple as their favorite color have several purple things (eg. water bottle, pen, notebook, etc.). This way, their individuality is best seen, and their yearning to stand out is best observed.

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Pink lovers are natural romantics. Having pink as a favorite color says that you’re a loving, sweet, and sensitive person. Your charm and nurturing personality is what often makes you really loveable. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re not afraid to express your emotions.

Despite this, you carry with you a soft spot that represents your deep need to be understood and loved unconditionally. Sometimes, you can be a little naïve. Your fascination with romance greatly influences your inclination for idealistic standards. Love and family are the two things that you greatly hold special. 

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The color black can mean so many different things: boldness, prestige, and uniqueness. On the other hand, it can also mean sadness, pain, or emptiness. If black is your color, this means that you’re strong-willed, you enjoy your independence, and you value your privacy.

You can be quite demanding at times as you give great emphasis to details. Generally, getting things right is highly  important for you. Often, people perceive you as someone who is serious and intimidating. But behind your strong façade is someone who is artistic and trustworthy. 

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We sure hope that you’ve gotten to learn more about yourself through this article. Now, it’s a lot easier for you to pick the color that speaks directly to who you are.

Of the six colors that we’ve released under our newest Ursula Collection, which one makes you say, “This is so me”? Let us know!

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