ILoveUke: The Story Behind WAGAS Ukulele’s First Ever Limited Edition Design

What makes you KILIG?

Is it the bouquet? The flowers? The harana?

Whatever it is, we heard you.


The Story Behind Our First LTD

Our first design under the Premium Ukulele Collection is heavily inspired by the concept of bouquet giving. For many years, people of all ages across the globe have long shared the same love and admiration for flowers. Dating back to the Victorian era, giving flowers was a sweet gesture observed as a way of demonstrating their feelings to their beloved, as doing so in words was considered bad manners. Today, however, as we’ve progressed into being more open and accepting to the different forms of love expressions available, the idea of flowers being a symbol of love and affection remains. 

Who doesn’t blush when offered flowers, right? 

But, as sweet as bouquets can be, one fact of life remains: we can’t keep them fresh forever. 

So we thought, why not give the traditional form of bouquet giving a twist? Turn it into something more long-lasting? This February, we’re offering you Blossom Travel — a limited edition ukulele design, graced with vibrant flowers to match your vibrant love for your partner, or for YOURSELF!

Communicate your lasting feelings with us. #SayItWithAUke


Key Features


flower design ukulele

  • Intricately designed by Gilcy Yanna Wagas, a talented artist from the town of Compostela where our ukuleles are made. Currently, she is practicing her craft as a professional designer at POGO Designs.


side of blossom ukulele design
  • Thicker than the traditional travel ukuleles

  • Bigger and louder sound

  • Light and convenient

Closed Gear tuning pegs

close up on ukulele gear tuning pegs

Limited Edition

  • Since we will only be releasing three pieces of ukuleles for every Premium Ukulele design, we’ve made sure to include a hand-painted LTD label at the back of our premium ukuleles especially for you.



Indeed, the language of flowers never fails to leave us in awe. The tradition of giving flowers to express adoration is truly a constant remembrance of love. Redefine tradition with us here in Wagas Ukuleles by joining our #SayItWithAUke campaign. Show your love with not only flowers but with music. I mean, combining flowers and music? How can you ever go wrong with two of the most significant driving factors of love?


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