Invest in Yourself! - A Gentle Reminder From Wagas Ukuleles


The past year and a half have taught us a lot on the importance of taking time to assess what we value most. With so much time on our hands while at home, we learn so much about ourselves and pick up new skills, talents, and hobbies along the way.

Now that the world is slowly picking up its pace, people may be less inclined to pursue their passions and are instead pressured to find ways in turning their hobbies into monetizable sidelines.


Some of us may have considered resin-making, pottery, knitting, (in Cebuano, gantsilyo), embroidery, drawing, painting, baking, and a lot more! A little scroll on Tiktok will show you informational and instructional videos about almost every interest imaginable.

However, there is a hobby that needs less materials, and fulfills just the same way or even more, which is: playing a musical instrument!


According to the site, “Playing an instrument has many health benefits including increased eye-hand coordination, lower stress levels, improved brain function, focus, and mental clarity.

Other benefits include social interaction, a sense of achievement, and improved reading comprehension. Playing a ukulele is beneficial for people of all ages from kids to seniors.”

While other hobbies such as resin-making, baking, or knitting need a lot of different materials that are priced individually, a musical instrument is a great investment for your hard-earned savings because it is a one-time sale.

A ukulele from Wagas Ukulele is an even more special investment-- all our ukuleles are lovingly handcrafted by local artisans in Compostela, Cebu. Not only are you getting a ukulele that could help you mentally and emotionally, you’re also owning a playable piece of art and are supporting local artists.


The ukuleles are also made of solid mahogany wood, so you’d know they are of optimum quality and would last a long time.

Now, you could have our Tenor ukuleles at an even lesser price! These stylish ukes are now priced for P 4,500 each, instead of the old P 6,000. If a price drop is what you’ve been waiting for, now you’ve got it!


Here at Wagas Ukuleles, we want to let you know that there is no shame in investing in what makes you happy.

Go on and fulfill your passions! Inspired? Tag us on @wagasukuleles on your social media platforms to share with us your new investments.

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