July Ukulele Design: Viva La Fiesta! + Get To Know One Special Festival

We Filipinos just love celebrations!

We always find a good reason to throw parties and get togethers within our own communities.

That being said, if you’re a Filipino, you’ve probably participated or witnessed a festival at least once in your life. It’s almost impossible not to, with the hundreds of different festivals celebrated in the country annually from different towns, cities, and provinces all over the Philippines.

Always and always, fiestas are a big part of who we are, of our culture.

They aren’t just avenues for partying, but they’re also fruits of our very rich history. 

This month’s Limited Edition Design is inspired by the joy and optimism that fiestas bring. Particularly, it is greatly inspired by one specific fiesta celebration here in the country.

Hint: LOCAL. 

Interested to know what fiesta this is? Read on!

The Meaning Behind our July Ukulele Design

This month is no ordinary month for Richie’s hometown, Compostela Cebu. 

In fact, pre-pandemic, July is one of the busiest months of the year in the small town of Compostela. 

July is the month when Compostelanons celebrate the Queseo Festival. 


Queseo Festival of Compostela – image source:

One of the unheard delicacies of the hometown that truly deserves to be known to a wider audience is a cheese made from carabao’s milk. It is one of the town’s greatest pride, as this is the primary livelihood of many locals living in the mountain barangays of the town. It is made from a meticulous 7-step process in order to create its distinct, creamy, and mouth-watering taste. 

Queseo Festival was created to facilitate the promotion of this product. 

7 Steps for Making Compostela’s Famous Queseo

Queseo of Compostela – image source:


  1. Limpyo: showing the act of cleaning the breast part of the carabao
  2. Puga sa Gatas: demonstrating the milking of the carabao
  3. Sa-an: showing the act of screening the milk with a mesh
  4. Init kaldero: representing the heating of the cauldron with burned wood
  5. Huwad suka: showing the act of pouring vinegar to heated milk and stirring
  6. Hulma: demonstrating the molding of the cheese)
  7. Putos: representing the wrapping of the cheese with banana leaf strips

Key Features


  • Intricately designed by Gilcy Yanna Wagas, a talented artist from the town of Compostela where our ukuleles are made. Currently, she is practicing her craft as a professional designer at PUGO Designs.


  • Thicker than the traditional travel ukuleles
  • Bigger and louder sound
  • Light and convenient

Closed Gear tuning pegs

Limited Edition

Since we will only be releasing FIVE pieces of ukuleles for every Premium Ukulele design, we’ve made sure to include a hand-painted LTD label at the back of our premium ukuleles especially for you.


Festivals play a big role in our identity as Filipinos. They're perfect representations of our history, culture, creativity, vibrant personalities, optimism, and so much more. This July, join us as we celebrate not just the Queseo Festival, but as well as all fiestas in the country!

What’s your favorite Filipino fiesta or celebration? Let us know!

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