June Ukulele Design: Perlas ng Silanganan + 9 Tarsier Facts

Ukuleles with stories.


Here in Wagas Ukuleles, we strive to produce only the best ukuleles we can. We don’t only make instruments, we hold stories. This month’s ukulele design, Perlas ng Silanganan, is very dear to the company’s heart. It serves as the beginning for something more —the incorporation of not just Cebu’s pride but of the whole country’s. 


Interested to know more about our June LTD? Curious about why it’s named Perlas ng Silanganan? Wondering what well-known Filipino animal we’re featuring? Read on!


What you’ll find in this article:

  • The Meaning Behind the June Ukulele Design 
    • Perlas ng Silanganan
    • 9 Fun facts about Tarsiers
  • Key features of the Wagas Ukuleles’s Premium Collection
  • June LTD special bonus: STICKERS!


The Meaning Behind our June Ukulele Design

As you should know by now, one of our goals is to feature #UniquelyFilipino designs that represent our culture. We wish to highlight this by featuring more distinct designs that scream Philippines!

Perlas ng Silanganan

“This month’s piece is a tribute to the beautiful Philippines and its rich history of struggles and triumphs. It is a celebration of independence and a reminder of the beauty that almost fell in the hands of tyranny,” Gilcy points out.

Without a doubt, the Philippines is abundant when it comes to its people, resources, and of course, experiences. With what it has gone through over the years, it has easily become a country of stories. Perlas ng Silanganan serves as the beginning of introducing and incorporating more of our culture, highlighting the different points of pride of every province in the country. 

This month, we begin with Bohol’s tarsiers

9 Fun facts about Tarsiers

  • Bohol is home to Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, a large space for endangered tarsiers. 
  • Tarsiers are delicate, emotionally sensitive creatures that quickly become upset. Exposed to too much stress (noise, touch, light, etc.), these creatures hurt themselves by pounding their heads against tree trunks.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use flash when snapping photographs of tarsiers, and they are not allowed to touch them.
  • As people used to hunt, sell, and/or keep these endangered animals as pets, former Philippine President, Fidel V. Ramos, declared them to be specially protected faunal species with Proclamation No. 1030. 
  • The Bohol tarsier is only 85 to 160 millimeters (3.35 to 6.30 inches) tall, with males weighing 80 to 160 grams (2.8 to 5.6 ounces) and females being lighter.
  • The tarsier’s eyes are as large as their brain.
  • Tarsiers are capable of turning their heads 180° in each direction, allowing them to rotate their heads almost 360°.
  • A tarsier’s lifespan is around 8 years.
  • Tarsiers are nocturnal. Their big eyes help them see better at night as they hunt for prey.


Key Features


  • Intricately designed by Gilcy Yanna Wagas, a talented artist from the town of Compostela where our ukuleles are made. Currently, she is practicing her craft as a professional designer at PUGO Designs.


  • Thicker than the traditional travel ukuleles
  • Bigger and louder sound
  • Light and convenient

Closed Gear tuning pegs

Limited Edition

Since we will only be releasing FIVE pieces of ukuleles for every Premium Ukulele design, we’ve made sure to include a handpainted LTD label at the back of our premium ukuleles especially for you.


June LTD Special bonus: STICKERS!



We take every month as an opportunity to raise our country’s flag and promote its beauty. Let our story reach you. Grab your Perlas ng Silanganan now!

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