New Year, New Era of Wagas Ukuleles!

Unsurprisingly, Wagas Ukuleles’ New Years’ Resolution is to continue the enduring legacy of family, Filipino pride, and traditional Filipino artistry into the new year.

Are you ready to join us into the new era?

Wagas Ukuleles has always prioritized is Filipino craftsmanship: all of its ukuleles are created and designed by local artisans in the town of Compostela, Cebu and Filipino designs are regularly integrated into the pieces, echoing symbols such as the Philippine flag, native animals, and so much more.

With a distinctly Filipino process from the creation to the designing and delivering of each ukulele piece, the value that Wagas Ukuleles attributes to its customers can only echo the innate hospitality and compassion Filipinos have.  

The history of Wagas Ukuleles also proves that opportunity is everywhere. From a small crafts shop started by Debbie and Richie Wagas over two decades ago, Wagas has now established itself as one of the premier ukulele manufacturers in the country. Wagas Ukuleles has reshaped the trade of ukuleles for over 20 years and is definitely not stopping anytime soon!


The New Wagas Ukuleles Kiosk

This year, Wagas Ukuleles ushers in a new era with a kiosk designed for a much closer and in-person experience for our beloved customers to test out our world-class ukuleles, created several kilometers away in our factory in Compostela.

Through this improved kiosk, Wagas aims to redefine the ukulele shopping experience by creating an interactive purchasing experience for its loyal customers and new buyers.

Not only does the stall offer a visual feast, with its signature ukuleles adorning the walls and the polished wood structure of the kiosk adding to that traditional Filipino flair, but it also allows customers to test out the different ukuleles on site, with the guidance of Wagas’ trusted and expert attendees.

Don’t have a New Years’ Resolution yet? Here’s an idea: visit and experience the new era of Wagas Ukuleles on the Ground Floor of Ayala Center Cebu (between Terranova and H&M).

Who knows, you might walk away with a new hobby, an idea, or an amazing new instrument to enjoy with your family at home.

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