October Ukulele Design: Dying Love

Halloween is for the dead, but we have something that will have you LIVING

For this month’s ukulele design, Wagas Ukuleles brings you an original design perfect for the spooky season. Featuring a skeleton figure holding a rose across a pitch-black canvas, this ukulele is sure to keep you playing not just during Halloween, but all year round.


Reminiscent of vintage tattoos, this gothic design is classy, timeless, and it makes a real statement. To give you more of the tragic romantic horror vibes, here are some real-life love stories that are just a little spooky.


Mary and Percy

Mary Shelley, author of the science-fiction novel Frankenstein, was known to have mourned her lover severely… and strangely.

When Percy Shelley, Mary’s husband, drowned when he was only 29 years old in 1822, his remains had to be burned under burial regulations. However, for some reason, his heart refused to burn.

The organ was then turned over to his wife, Mary, who was known to keep it for years. A year after she died in 1852, Percy’s heart was found in her desk, wrapped in the pages of one of his last poems, Adonais.


Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are probably two of the most famous criminal duos in history.

Their names have become synonymous with the phrase ‘partners in crime’, and rightfully so--- as Bonnie and Clyde were definitely in together on multiple robberies and burglaries in the early 1930s, and were known to have murdered at least 13 people. The papers called Clyde a “notorious Texas ‘bad man’ and murderer” while Bonnie was dubbed “his cigar-smoking, quick-shooting woman accomplice.”

They were killed in an ambush as the police fired around 130 rounds of ammunition into their car. They wanted to be buried together, but Bonnie’s parents wouldn’t allow it. At the time of their death, Bonnie was 23 and Clyde was 24.

Now, Bonnie and Clyde remain sensationalized in the public’s perception, as pop culture icons as they are criminals. Photos of their death were circulated around the country, and they are still accessible up to this day.


Henry VIII and his Six Wives

Henry the VIII is one of the best known monarchs in English history, primarily due to his deadly love affairs.

Arguably his most popular wife is Anne Boleyn, the second after Henry’s original wife, Catherine of Aragon. After reforming England with their whirlwind romance (which caused Henry to enact a change in English Parliament so he could officially divorce Catherine and marry Anne), the couple’s fate, or at least Anne’s, would soon come to a bloody end.

Failing to give birth to a male heir, and because Henry had eyes for his new mistress, Jane Seymour, Anne was soon charged with treasonous adultery and incest and was then beheaded.

Anne wasn’t the last of Henry’s wives who was killed by decapitation. Katherine Howard, the fifth of Henry’s six wives, was killed after also being implicated in adultery allegations. She was only 19 at the time of her death, but other historians argue that she might have been younger.

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