Reasons why a Wagas Ukulele is not your typical ukulele

Superior Quality 

At Wagas Ukuleles, you can guarantee that your ukuleles are made only with the best materials. Not only that, your ukuleles are fashioned from solid mahogany wood for the back, sides, bridge, and neck. If you’re somebody who is really particular about specific parts of the instrument to ensure its utmost quality, you’ll be happy to hear that the fingerboard for all our ukuleles is made of rosewood, while the nut and saddle are crafted from ox bone making our ukuleles among the most comfortable to play, yet most durable in the market. Our ukuleles also feature closed gears and original Aquilina strings that give them their signature full and rich sound.

Distinctive products and designs

Eccentric shapes, grooved bodies, multi-color, and customizable— How many ukulele manufacturers have this range? We have ukuleles that can accommodate beginner players and even experts. From fruit-shaped ukuleles (which are well loved by our Korean customers), our best-seller multi-colored Ursula ukuleles, or our signature Filipino-themed designs, we have ukuleles of all shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s style and vibe. Customers can even take it a step further by personalizing their ukuleles with a handpainted name or portrait. Our product catalogue at Wagas Ukuleles is continuously expanding to include more exciting ideas from us, and even suggestions by our customers. 

Trusted by Musicians and Music Lovers

Musicians love Wagas Ukuleles. With the quality and design we offer, it is not a surprise that Wagas Ukuleles often take center stage for ukulele performances. Our customers also vouch for our products’ quality via testimonials and messages on our page. 

As a treat, we at Wagas Ukuleles present special performances from our friends. If you’re curious to see what your future ukulele bestie sounds like, check out our #WagasTravels soundcheck videos! Search the #SOUNDCHECK hashtag on our Facebook page to see our products in action.

Proudly Pinoy Made and Pinoy Owned

Of course, what makes Wagas Ukuleles exceptional is that our products are proudly Pinoy. Our craftsmen masterfully create the ukuleles in our factory in Compostela, a seaside town in Northern Cebu, Philippines. Wagas Ukuleles is also founded and owned by Filipinos, dedicated to integrating our culture and stories into every ukulele for over two decades. At the core of Wagas Ukuleles is a distilled essence of love, care, and determination that represents every Filipino dreamer and worker. 

What makes Wagas Ukuleles special to you? Let us know! 

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