Save Time Thinking of Xmas Gift Ideas with this Holiday Gift Guide!

Don’t know what to get the most important people in your life? Worry no more! 

From your artsy bunso to your music loving Papa, Wagas Ukuleles got you covered. 

For: Your Fashionista Ate Whose Things NEED to Match her Outfits

Nothing else says fashion forward than the Red Ursula Ukulele. Reminiscent of 90s models’ signature red lipstick, the red Ursula ukulele is classy, sassy, and is the perfect accessory to the confident girl who wants to make a statement: that’s your ate!

 This would be a staple in her highly curated Instagram feed. Who knows? This might make its way into fashion magazines soon. 

 Take notes, Vogue! 

 Get the Red Ursula Ukulele Here: Red Ursula Soprano Ukulele – Wagas Ukes (


For: Your Adventurous Best Friend Who’s Always the Life of The Party

Who needs to fight over the AUX cord or the Bluetooth connection in the car on a road trip when you got your bestie coming for the ride? 

The Lightweight Travel Ukulele is the perfect accompaniment for long road trips, sunny beach days, or a fun-filled sleepover.

Your bestie will surely brighten up the day by performing their renditions of well-loved friendship songs on this uke. And just like your friendship, this is something they would have a hard time getting rid of. 

Get the Brown Turtle Travel Ukulele here: Brown Turtle Travel Ukulele – Wagas Ukes (


For: Your Curious and Artsy Bunso

Want to reward your bunso for washing the dishes when you’re too tired from work all day? Nothing says, “I love you, bunso!” than the Soprano ukulele. 

This is best for the fun-loving and curious child, and with its unique design, you don’t even have to tell bunso that it’s one of our most budget friendly ukuleles. 

Take the dishwashing job from your youngest today and give them the gift of music! 

Get the Royale Violele here: Royale Violele - Wagas Ukulele Cebu – Wagas Ukes (


For: Your Music Loving Rakista Dad

Ah, dads. They spend their whole lives trying to make ourselves better. Now, it’s your time to give back! 

The Tenor ukulele is perfect for winding down after a long day. With its stylish design reminiscent of the classic electric guitars his favorite rock musicians use, your dad can play rockstar whenever he wishes, and that’s because he really is! 

Get the Jazzy Solid Black Tenor Ukulele here: Jazzy Solid Black Tenor Ukulele – Wagas Ukes (


For: You, the Workaholic Child at Heart Who Always Wants To Try Something New 

Who says you can’t give a gift to yourself? 

After the very hectic workload, you also deserve to find time to tap into your musical side. If you’re somebody who is in desperate need of a new hobby, or just trying to rediscover a love for instruments, this is for you.

The Guitarlele, a hybrid of the guitar and the ukulele is perfect for those who want to try something new. 

Get the Rocky Guitarlele here: Rocky Guitarlele - Wagas Ukuleles Cebu – Wagas Ukes

This Christmas, send your love through a ukulele! Not only are you getting your loved ones a gift they will never forget, but you are also supporting the talented local artisans in Compostela, Cebu, who handcraft each and every single one of the ukuleles with love and mastery. 

Make your holidays extra special with Wagas Ukuleles!

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