September Ukulele Design: The Siren’s Call

Whether or not you believe in the existence of merpeople, you couldn’t deny its impact across various cultures throughout the world.

To Greeks and to other Western countries, sirens or mermaids are human and fish hybrids who lured sailors to their death with songs. In China, mermaids are believed to grant immortality to those who are worthy, and their tears are believed to turn into priceless pearls.

In the Philippines, sirenas and siyokoys are popular both in our folklore and pop culture, influencing a variety of films and shows such as Marina (2004), Dyesebel (2008), and Mutya (2011).

One of the most anticipated releases in 2023 is Disney’s live-action remake of the 1989 animated film “The Little Mermaid” starring singer Halle Bailey as Ariel, reintroducing the story of the well-loved red-haired mermaid princess to a new generation.

The Design 

Wagas Ukuleles releases a brand-new limited-edition collection featuring various designs every month. These limited-edition pieces go out of stock quickly!

Every piece is handcrafted by local artisans, and customers who avail these one-of-their kind pieces are guaranteed to own a little piece of local culture.

The design for this month is a pastel pink, blue, and purple gradient dream painted onto the canvas of the ukulele, with an illustration of a siren around the ukulele’s soundhole.

It is the brainchild of Compostela artist Gilcy Wagas, who has previously worked with Wagas Ukuleles for several of their limited-edition designs, most recently for their “Luna” design last month.

Currently, Gilcy is the Senior Graphic Designer in PUGO design studio who started her design journey with Wagas Ukuleles last year when her uncle, Ritchie, asked her to create three designs for their Tribu Wagas Collection. Gilcy says she is continually exploring for new designs on the next limited-edition releases. “I’ve been eyeing pattern designs to explore and play around with.”

“Patterns give ukeleles an illusion of texture,” Gilcy explains. “[This is what] makes them more unique than the previous designs.”

The mystery of mermaids reminds us of how much more of the ocean is uncharted territory—how much more life under the sea we have yet to explore.

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