Ukulele Price & Size Comparison in PH (Shopee, Lazada & Manufacturer)

If you're a sharp shopper, no doubt you're searching for the most affordable price on the internet. You're probably tired of jumping from one shopping app to another to find a ukulele price that fits your budget here in the Philippines.

However, if you're a seasoned musician, perhaps you're looking for the best quality. Not only checking on the price tag.

Well, in this article, we're going to compare ukulele prices and sizes available in PH. We're also giving you some tips on where and how to choose the best ukulele.

How much is a good ukulele cost?

A good ukulele price depends on its materials, size, design, and brand. But usually, it ranges from 1,000 to 6,000. Prices are subject to change.

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Things you need to consider aside from the price

  • Materials - Would you like to buy a plastic or a wooden ukulele? What type of wood are they using? Using the perfect wood has a significant impact on sound and quality. Here at Wagas Ukuleles, we cut from a solid block of mahogany wood.
  • Size - Does ukulele size affect the price? Yes. There are sizes designed for beginners and professionals. You can check the size comparison in the next section of this blog.
  • Design - The design also affects the market value of a musical instrument. Limited edition premium ukuleles are more pricey than the regular ones. We can also do custom or personalized designs for you.
  • Craftsmanship - Each ukulele is designed and crafted by local Filipino. Most of the traditional ukuleles are bent to form the body. But we redefine the tradition by cutting and shaping straight to the block. It offers superb durability and a full-bodied tone.
  • Reviews - Feedback is essential. In buying, you must check the best quality ukulele with great reviews. There are customer unboxing and soundcheck videos you can watch as well.
  • Brand - There are always cheap ones available. However, if you want an investment of a lifetime, stick to a trusted brand. Founder of Wagas Ukuleles has been in the woodcraft industry for 20 years. The extraordinary precision and dedication are evident in each piece. 

Ukulele Size Comparison and Prices

There are four main ukulele sizes in the global market - soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. The most common size is the soprano. It is the classic design that produces traditional ukulele sound. 

It could be overwhelming for newbies, so here's a quick comparison of the shop's best-selling sizes.

Ukulele Size  Price Feature
Ursula Collection 21 inches 1,495php Fun and vibrant colorful ukuleles
Travel Collection 21 inches 2,021php - 2,500php Thin and portable for travelling.

Soprano Collection

21 inches 2,500php - 4,000php Great for beginners.
Concert Collection 23 inches 4,000php - 4,500php For intermediate musicians.
Tenor Collection 26 inches 4,500php - 5,000php Full large sound for professionals.
Guitarlele 30 inches 5,000php - 5,500php Combination of a guitar and ukulele


Ukulele Size comparison - ursula, travel, soprano by Wagas Ukuleles

Ukulele Size Comparison- Concert, Tenor, Guitarlele by Wagas Ukuleles


Travel collections are thin and portable. It comes with unique designs you'll surely love. 

Soprano collection recommended for beginners and intermediate musicians.

Tenor collection, on the other hand, is full of sound because of its large body. It is suitable for professional musicians.

PH Ukulele Price Comparison (Shopee vs. Lazada)

Ukulele prices in Shopee range from 800 to 6000 Php. The online shopping app offers free shipping and cashback to selected listings.

On the other hand, Lazada ukulele prices are from 500 to 10,000 Php. They offer a wide variety of ukulele accessories and brands.

Buying Directly From the Manufacturer

If you don't want to use these 3rd party e-commerce app, you can also purchase your uke directly from the maker.

Here's how you can order:

  1. Visit the website or our Facebook page.
  2. Click add to cart to proceed to checkout.
  3. Choose your payment options.
  4. Wait for the order confirmation.

Since there's no 3rd party transaction, quality and safety are the topmost priority. Wagas Ukuleles also offer FREE shipping, awesome freebies, and discounts


Wooden crafting is one of the most notable traditions here in the Philippines. Wagas Ukulele is proudly made in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. The city is the home of well-known musical talents and instruments.


Buying a ukulele is an investment. Cheap ones are not always worth it. If you want your uke to last for generations, then purchase a premium quality. Just make sure to check on customer reviews, brands, and designs that suit you.


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