Online Class Must-Haves U Can’t Live Without

People online are buzzing over the upcoming school year! 

Back when there were face to face classes, students would prepare by buying school supplies in bookstores and department stores or visiting the local tailor for their uniforms. However, because of the pandemic, students are required to stay at home and attend school online.

Welcome the new academic year with these essentials to improve your online class experience:


For organization

Since we spend most of our days at home, it could be difficult to track life as it passes us by. Make sure you own something to help you organize your thoughts!

It could be as simple as a to-do list, as meticulous as a daily planner, or as personal as an everyday journal.

You can purchase an actual physical notebook, and even add cute stationery to your cart. If you prefer things digital, you could download apps like Notion to back up your thoughts on all of your devices, but most phones have built-in Notes apps.


For affirmation 

Taking care of our mental health should be a priority too. 

Applications like I Am (available on the App Store) pepper your busy notifications with daily positive affirmations, while Forest helps to monitor your screen time and help you focus. 

There are also different playlists and podcasts on Spotify which can help you meditate and sleep better.


For relaxation

With all the stress that comes with the online set-up, sometimes, a musical instrument to provide you temporary relief is all that you need. 

And what better instrument to have than an ukulele from our Ursula collection? At a student friendly price, students like you can strum their troubles away and invite positive vibes into your home. Choose from various colors from our selection right here. 

Who knows—you might even be able to perform an intermission number during your school’s Zoom events or sing for your barkada at the next Netflix watch party.

Being a student in the middle of a global health crisis is not easy—apart from social issues and academic stress, we also have to deal with the uncertainties of everyday life. It’s important to keep ourselves as safe and sane as possible through all the means available. Enjoy the school year!



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