UKULELE BUYING 101: Things to Take Note of Before Buying Your First Ukulele

Making sure you buy the right ukulele could be intimidating, or simply a big inconvenience. But, you don’t have to worry— we compiled all the concerns you might have in this handy guide. By the end, we’ll make sure you have all the ukulele-buying questions you have answered!



Of course, the budget should be taken into consideration before buying a ukulele. If you’re a beginner, testing out the musical waters, you might want something inexpensive for now. If you’re a casual hobbyist, you might want something priced in the middle. If you’re someone who plays the ukulele for paid gigs, or if you’re a #influencer doing musical covers on YouTube or Tiktok, you might want to invest in something priced higher. 


Good thing at Wagas Ukuleles, we have a variety of ukuleles at different price points. If you want to try out our cheapest ukuleles, we have the Ursula Collection, which features brightly colored ukuleles that are very beginner and budget friendly. We also have the Concert Collection ukuleles which is perfect for intermediate players. 



No one wants to buy something that’s low quality. Low-grade ukuleles have the tendency to break easily or age badly. Luckily, at Wagas Ukuleles, all our ukuleles are made with the finest materials. The bodies of the ukuleles are cut from solid Philippine mahogany wood with a fingerboard made of rosewood, ox bone for nut and saddle, closed gear tuners and original Aquila strings, which produce bright and sharp sounds. 


You can check more specs of the ukuleles in each of their description spaces on our online shop. 



Additional accessories are normal for any musical instrument. Sometimes, the accessories cost more than the instrument itself! Since the ukulele is so flexible, it barely needs any other additional accompaniment.

But, each Wagas ukulele comes with these freebies: a soft case, a tuner, a strap, a capo, and a pick! 

You can even ask for your ukulele to be customized for a fee. Personalize your new ukes with your name, or even a hand-painted picture of yourself, your pets, etc. 



You can definitely shop and pick up your orders from Wagas Ukuleles in-person at the showroom in Compostela, Cebu, or the Wagas Ukuleles outlet in Ayala Center Cebu.

However, if these sites are not an option, Wagas Ukuleles offer free shipping for all their ukuleles nationwide! You can even track your orders on our website.


If you have any questions or concerns about shipping and delivery, you can contact us via our Facebook page or send us an email at



There are a lot of different ukulele types. At Wagas Ukuleles, we manufacture and sell at least five types: the Travel Ukuleles, which are lightweight and, as the name suggests, perfect for travel, the Soprano Ukuleles, the Concert Ukuleles, the Tenor Ukuleles, and the Guitarlele collection (a guitar and ukulele hybrid!).  


To choose which type is the best for you, take into consideration your own preferences. If the ukulele’s sizes matter to you, the base length of our ukuleles are 21” for the Ursula, Travel, and Soprano ukuleles, while the Concert ukulele is 23”. Our bigger ukuleles are the Sopranos, which are 26” long, and the Guitarleles, which are 30” long. 

You can also check out our other blog article, which talks about buying the right ukuleles as gifts for people you love to fit their personalities. 

Not enough options? You can go check out our entire catalog on or order from our Shopee page. Additionally, you should follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated with our new releases. No spoilers here, but we absolutely have a lot in store for you. 

7 Tips & Checklist Before Buying Your 1st Ukulele

  1. Ukulele Sizes
  2. Acoustic or Electric
  3. Price Range
  4. Craftsmanship
  5. Sound Quality
  6. Accessories
  7. Trusted Brand

Now, you’re probably set to buy your new ukuleles! 

Don’t forget to leave us a review or say hi to us on our social media pages to show us how much you love your Wagas Ukulele. Stay safe and have a wonderful ukulele-playing journey! 

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